László Nàdori

Professor László Nàdori (1923 – 2011), the renowned Hungarian sport psychologist,  researcher, and also member of the Hungarian Parliament, passed away on 17th April 2011 with “the last farewell”  on 6th May in Budapest.

Professor Nadori obtained his physical education teacher’s degree at the Hungarian University of Sport Sciences and Physical Education. During the Second World War he was captured by the British army, and was a prisoner of war until 1946, when he was released and continued his studies at the University. He obtained his degree in psychology at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest in 1966.

He was the Director of the Research Institute at the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, Semmelweis University, Budapest (known as TF in Hungary) and also the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at TF. He established a university institute in sport sciences and physical education at the University of Pecs, and became the first Director of the Institute.

He served as President and later became Honorary President for the Hungarian Society of Sport Science, receiving both the Albert Szentgyorgyi Prize and the Philip Noel-Baker Researcher’s Prize (founded by UNESCO-ICSSPE) in recognition of his achievements.

As a founder of sport psychology in Hungary,  he introduced autogenic and mental training to elite performers. He published 17 books and about 300 research papers in 10 languages. He was a research advisor and later research director for the Hungarian Olympic delegation.

Professor Nàdori, a FEPSAC founding member, served as Vice President from 1983-1995, Secretary General from 1975-1983 and as regular FEPSAC MC Member from 1972-1975. He had very significant role in the development of sport psychology in Central and Eastern Europe, and he will be remembered for these tremendous academic and service-related contributions to our profession.

Istvan Soos and Klaudia Zuskova