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FEPSAC is the European Federation of Sport Psychology.

Latest News in European Sport Psychology

The German Sport University Cologne – Department of Performance Psychology of the Institute of Psychology announces for the 1st of December 2019 (or earliest possible time) a position as PhD Student. The position will be part-time (65%) with a regular weekly working time of about 25 hrs, limited to 36 months, with the possibility of […]


We are sad to report the passing of our good colleague Prof. Félix Guillén. Former president of the Spanish Federation of Sport Psychology, he was an active researcher in the field of refereeing, emotional intelligence and mental toughness. Félix contributed to our discipline as main editor of RIPED (Revista Iberoamericana de Psicología). Our deepest condolences […]

FEPSAC congratulates Grzegorz Wieclaw, a practitioner from Gliwice in Poland, and Reisha Hull, a PhD student from the London South Bank University, on receiving each the FEPSAC internship grant of 500 Euros. In 2020 two personal grants will also be made available to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria. You can find here more information.


FEPSAC agreed upon signing an agreement with Routledge offering the following benefits for FEPSAC members. Check out the website for more information. Enjoy a 20% discount when you purchase one book or 25% discount when you purchase two or more books! Download a FreeBook on the topic “Managing Talent Development and Pressure in Sport”


FEPSAC could gain new supervisors for our initiative to support the provision of paid and unpaid temporary internship. This initiative is a means to increase mobility and improve the quality and breadth of the educational and professional experience within Europe. We would like to thank our colleagues who support this initiative and further encourage potential […]


The FEPSAC Managing Council now offers its endorsement of local sport psychology conferences. The purpose of endorsement is to assist conferences relevant to the advancement and dissemination of the knowledge of Sport and Exercise Psychology. FEPSAC endorsement of a conference does not entail any financial or legal obligation on the part of FEPSAC. More info here.

After having obtained the EU legal status as an International Non-Profit Organization (INPA) in 2015, FEPSAC is now eligible to be a partner in funding bids. The main aim of FEPSAC is to develop sport, exercise and performance psychology across Europe, and its participation in EU, international and national research and dissemination projects can support this […]