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Maurizio Bertollo 

Prof. Maurizio Bertollo

Associazione Italiana Psicologia Sport (AIPS)

Candidate for the position of Regular member


My name is Maurizio Bertollo and I am Professor of Motor Behaviour and Sport Psychology at “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara in the Department of Medicine and Aging Science and serve as Vice-Director of the BIND - Behavioral Imaging and Neural Dynamics Center. In the same University, I am the Rector’s delegate for international cooperation and partnership. Moreover, I’m also visiting professor of Human Performance at the University of Suffolk

I received my Bachelors’ degree in Physical Education and Human Movement Science in Padova and Chieti (Italy), a Master degree in Education (Pedagogy) in Padova (Italy), a Master degree in Psychology in Ljubljana (Slovenja) and a Doctoral degree in Sport Sciences in Vila Real (Portugal). I also hold specializations in psychotherapy, developmental and learning disabilities, and sport psychology. Currently, I am chartered psychologist and psychotherapist within the “Ordine Nazionale Psicologi”, and former Vice-President of the Italian Association of Sport Psychology (AIPS).

I worked as scientific consultant, psychologist, and coach for many Italian sports clubs, federations (e.g., Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon, Swimming, Rink Hockey, Soccer, Cycling, Track and Field, and Shooting), and for the National Olympic committee. Before starting an academic career, I was also PE teacher, School Psychologist and Headmaster.

My research interests focus on the processes and mechanisms underlying the development, maintenance and improvement of human motor behaviour and performance. My current research includes Bio-psycho-physiological states underpinning performance, Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning, Recovery-stress balance in sport, Psychophysiological monitoring and intervention in sport.

I have published over 200 papers including national and international articles in peer-reviewed journals, books and book chapters. I have been involved as a reviewer for almost 30 scientific journals. Currently, I am associate editor of International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology and PeerJ Journals. Moreover, I am part of the Editorial board of the Journal of Sports Sciences, Psychology of Sport & Exercise, The Open Sport Science Journal.

I have been part of the FEPSAC MC for the last term. During this period as regular member, I represented FEPSAC and FEPSAC sessions at our partner institutions and congresses of partner associations. In the research commission, I supported EU grant information dissemination and in the communication group I contributed to the development of information and dissemination of our activity launching the FEPSAC social media pages in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, with some colleagues, we wrote a position statement about mental health in elite athletes.

I would like to continue my work for FEPSAC as regular member. My aims will encompass education (e.g. establishing our FEPSAC certification process), research (e.g. supporting funding at the EU commission for developing collaborative research) and communication (e.g. conferences and meetings bringing members together as well as disseminating sport psychology). Specifically during my service in FEPSAC MC, I can continue my job in leading the research group and promoting the participation of FEPSAC members in EU projects and supporting the development of our profession across Europe.