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Markus Raab 

Prof. Dr. Dr. Markus Raab

German Society for Sport Psychology (asp)

Candidate for the position of President

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My name is Markus Raab and I am the Head of the Department of Performance Psychology and Head of the Institute of Psychology at the German Sport University, Cologne. Furthermore, I am Research Professor at the London South Bank University, UK, School of Applied Sciences. Both the Institute of Psychology and the German Sport University are already committed and very active in European-wide activities including PhD supervision, the Erasmus program, and the European Network of Sport Science Education and Employment (ENSSEE).

I have been associated with FEPSAC for eight years. The last four years I was vice president for research and before that a regular member of the FEPSAC Managing Council (MC). I represented FEPSAC and FEPSAC sessions at our partner institutions and congresses of partner associations. I supported EU grant information dissemination and served for FEPSAC in the task force of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). I further organized and received an Elsevier contract for the FEPSAC book entitled ‘Sport and Exercise Psychology Research: From Theory to Practice’ published in 2015. As an associate Editor for PSE, IJSEP, Frontiers Psychology - Performance Science and at Scientific committees I promote research. Moreover, I presented at PhD summer schools and presented FEPSAC initiatives in Eastern Europe as well supported to predict sport psychology as a profession (Raab: 2017, Sport psychology in 2050).

I would like to continue my work for FEPSAC as its president. My aims will encompass education (e.g. establishing our FEPSAC certification process), research (e.g. supporting funding at the EU commission for developing collaborative research) and communication (e.g. conferences and meetings bringing members together as well as disseminating sport psychology). I think such education-research-communication-oriented tasks guided by the MC would benefit all FEPSAC members. I believe that by combining competencies and networks within FEPSAC and with our partners we raise our profile and thereby increase our chances as a profession. This would greatly advance the field and provide new opportunities for European-wide activities. As FEPSAC president I would be delighted to help in any other tasks that require and benefit from my experience. I am aware that the new position requires extensive work and communication to the members and am fully committed to do this. I am aware that we need to build on the important developments of FEPSAC so that we are a federation ready to invest into its own future.