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Karin Moesch

Dr. Karin Moesch

Svensk idrottspsykologisk förening (SIPF)

Candidate for the position of Regular member



My name is Karin Moesch, and I am employed as a sport psychologist at the Elite Sport Department of the Swedish Sports Confederation. In that work, I do individual counseling with elite athletes and coaches, workshops for teams, and lead educations on different topics within sport psychology. I also have my own company where I offer sport psychology services to athletes, coaches, and teams. In my past, I had employments in different academic and applied institutions in Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden. My research interests focus on psychological aspects of injury, mental health in elite sports, team sports (mainly psychological momentum, emotional contagion, and nonverbal behaviours in sport teams), and talent development.

Since 2015, I am a regular member of the FEPSAC Managing Council. During this period, I am leading the applied team. The team’s main focus is the development of the certification of specialists in applied sport psychology. Besides that, I have been involved in different projects related to mental health in elite athletes, such as the round table at the BASES conference, the FEPSAC position statement, and the Think Tank on mental health in Denmark 2018.

I would very much like to continue my work for FEPSAC. I believe that my experiences from the last four years, my job background, and my personal background - working and residing in different European countries – help me to contribute to the development of the organisation. Specifically, my main aim is to further work on certification and recertification, so the process is well established for the future. I would also like to continue promoting mental health in elite sports as a topic of high value, and initiate more activities and projects related to that topic. Finally, I would like to develop activities for applied sport psychologists.