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Vana Hutter


Vana Hutter is working at the Faculty of Human movement Sciences of the VU university in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is one of the founders of the post-master program in applied sport psychology at the VU University. She currently teaches in the program and has been the program manager for the first two courses. As such she is interested in effective practice in sport psychology and the development o professionals in sport psychology, through learning experiences, peer-consultation, and supervision. She put a new system for supervision and training for supervisors in place in the Netherlands, where no tradition of supervision for sport psychology previously existed.
Apart from applied sport psychology, she teaches professionals in the world of sports, such as coaches and physiotherapists, both in sport psychological and physiological topics.
Vana Hutter is registered as an applied sport psychologist and sport psychology teacher by the Dutch association for sport psychology (VSPN). In her work she combines her enthusiasm for sport psychology with managerial experience and an interest in effective teaching methods. She is currently teaching in the European Master program in sport and exercise psychology and was involved in the curriculum development committee of the program.

Drs. R.I. (Vana) Hutter
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