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Internship market 

Fepsac supports the provision of paid and unpaid temporary internship as a means to increase mobility and improve the quality and breadth of the educational and professional experience within Europe. If you are interested in offering or taking an internship please fill the form below and submit it to office@fepsac.com. If you found an internship on the FEPSAC  website that interests you, please complete your section on the form and send it directly to the other supervisor/supervisee as well as to office@fepsac.com

You can download the internship form here.


Supervisors offering an internship

1) Rita de Oliveira: London South Bank University  

2) Rita de Oliveira: London South Bank University 

3) Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis: University of Thessaly (Greece)

4) Markus Raab: German Sport University Cologne

5) Nadja Schott: University of Stuttgart (Germany) 

6) Maurizio Bertollo: University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy)

7) Kristoffer Henriksen: University of Southern Denmark

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