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FEPSAC is the European Federation of Sport Psychology.

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Call for FEPSAC Invited Symposia or Plenary Session to be held at the 2019 ECSS Congress in Prague EXTENDED

FEPSAC is accepting proposals for Invited Symposia and Plenary Sessions at the ECSS Congress 2019 in Prague from now until November 1, 2017. The goal is to promote sport and exercise psychology research at the biggest sport science congress in Europe. The best proposals will be selected and submitted on behalf of FEPSAC to the 2019 ECSS Congress to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 3rd to 6th July, 2019 (http://www.ecss-congress.eu/2019/). There is, however, no guarantee that the selected proposal will be accepted by the Congress hosts. Registration fees for the sessions will be waived by the organizers. FEPSAC will not cover any costs related to the sessions (e.g. travel costs). Information on the guidelines for invited symposia and plenary sessions can be found here:



Given that it is a service FEPSAC provides to its members, the individual submitting the proposal needs to have a FEPSAC individual membership.

FEPSAC selects proposals based on the quality of the submitted proposal. Furthermore, FEPSAC expects a gender and geographic balance of the presenters. All presenters should either be affiliated with a European university or be FEPSAC individual members. FEPSAC will evaluate proposals that respect the guidelines of the event organizer. Priority will be given to proposals that do not include a FEPSAC MC member, and it will use the principle of rotation (i.e. priority to new speakers).

Please submit your proposal to the FEPSAC office (office@fepsac.com) by November 1, 2017. We look forward to your submissions!